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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 23, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is here to go on the record. >> on the advice of my council, i invoke the privilege afforded to me by the fifth amendment. >> i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> it is the better course for me to assert my constitutional right to decline to answer questions. >> on the advice of my counsel i must invoke the privilege afforded by the fifth amendment. >> greta: solyndra's top executives giving congress the silent treatment. but first hear how the company your money. >> even a remote chance of peace for israel seems to be slipping away after palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas petitioned the u.n. for statehood for his people. israeli prime minister netanyahu blasted the u.n. as the theater of the absurd. the palestinian's official bid for statehood comes in defiance of israel and the united states. we spoke with prime minister netanyahu right after his speech at the u.n..
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mr. prime minister, nice to see you. >> good to be here, thank you greta. >> greta: welcome to the united states. i know you spent a lot of time here growing up. nice to see you back. >> thank you. >> greta: today you call the u.n. general assembly, theater of the absurd. you came out hard hitting, why? >> it can decide these odd things. it can decide europe is flat. it can decide that the western wall, which is judaism most holiest site is occupied palestinian territory. it singles out israel every year for attack. 21 out of 27 resolutions adopted by the u.n. on human rights are directed against israel. the middle east only true democracy. all the other countries there, you can imagine some of them, nothing! they don't mention anything. so, it is an upside down place. i've been used to it. but in a place like that the only thing you can do is tell
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the truth. which is what i tried to do. >> greta: i'm curious whether there's some temptation not to comment. israel portrayed by many as the villain. referred to it as the theater of the absurd. we watched president abbas speak and you speak. it is a theater. with undetermined consequences. >> it is a strange place the u.n. because they make saddam's iraq responsible for disarmament. gadhafi, syria, -- gadhafi's libya chair the u.n. human rights commission. now you have lebanon which is effectively controlled by hezbollah, terrorist organization, preside over the security council which is responsible for global security. you know, that's very odd. and one of the victims of this absurdity of this travesty is israel that gets hammered day
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in, day out, as a country opposed to peace. as a country that is an aggressive country. when it is a tiny country. the one and only jewish state of the jewish people fighting for it life sense terrorists supported by iran. is accused we it is tying to defend itself as any democracy would. the only defense against lies is to tell the truth, even in an unpopular forum that's what i thought the responsibility of an israeli prime minister is. i'm the prime minister, i went there and told it like it is. >> greta: i was reminded how tiny israel is when you compared it to manhattan. you could fly across israel in three minutes. big difference. everyone puts security upfront and center for people who are list anyone. >> it is a tiny country faced with -- enemies and challenges to its security like no other. we've had in this tiny country,
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it is a little bigger than rhode island. we've had 12,000 rockets lobbed at our cities in recent years can you imagine rhode island sustaining 12,000 rockets and missiles on providence on the towns next to it? unbelievable. so israel has to defend itself. part of peace must be proper security safeguards where israel can defend itself, by itself in order to also defend the peace. i think these are the things that we need to negotiate with the palestinians. so tar they refuse to negotiate. basically -- so far, they refuse to negotiate. basically relying on the perceived wisdom they don't have to negotiate because israel will always be blamed as not wanting peace. we are prepared to have peace with the palestinian state. the palestinians want basically a palestinian state without peace. so, i think fair-minded people
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should tell them, sit down and negotiate. work out these issues of security and the recognition of israel as the jewish state. negotiate peace that's the only way that we can have it. you can't resolve it by u.n. declarations that's not going to do it. >> greta: did you watch or listen to president abbas' speech? >> i read it. i was busy writing my own speech. >> greta: you were ;b'%ck writing yours? >> i write my speeches right up to the podium more or less. and i change them on the podium. i look at the audience and if i see them dozing, i say i better say something to wake them up. >> greta: what did you think of president abbas' words? >> i was disappointed. i aside from i think not telling it like it is, because he said -- in fact, he said something very telling. he said the other day, he said that israel has been occupying
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palestine for 63 years. wait a minute, if they are talking about the west bank that's -- that goes back only to 1967. 63 years goes back to the founding of israel. is what president abbas telling us that tel aviv is occupied palestinian territory that haifa is occupied territory? in other words that all of israel is a land that has to be freed in quotes, israel shouldn't exist in any boundary? i think there's something telling there. that really gets to the core of the conflict. it is the persistent refuseal of the palestinians to accept a jewish state in any border that's the core of the conflict. i hope they muster the courage president abbas and his colleagues, to tell the palestinian people that kind of thinking has to be discarded. they have to recognize a
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jewish state. and they have to sit down and negotiate with us, a work able, defense able peace. >> greta: was that a slip or do you think that is the hamas thinking? hamas don't recognize the right of israel to exist. was that a slip and he made a mistake speaking or do you think underlying all this is he doesn't think israel has the right to exist? >> i think you should be interviewing him and asking him that question. because i think they walk around this issue all the time. they never just come out and say it. it was very hard for me as a likud leader to speak to my own people and my own constituents. i said as difficult as it is, as deeply attached as i am to every inch of the land of israel, our historic homeland, we have to make some compromises. the it is going to be very painful. but i'm prepared to do it. i'm willing to set up a palestinian state that lives in peace with israel, providing we have proper security. but i'm not prepared to have another iran there.
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in other words, to establish another gaza there. where they will fire rockets at our territory. and not make peace with us. what i hear the palestinians so far saying is, we want a state not to end the conflict. we want a state to continue the conflict. that's wrong. so i think part of it is telling abbas or letting abbas tell his people, it going to be over. we are going to get a state. and we are not going to try to go for tel aviv or the other parts of israel. we are going to live at peace. israel is here to stay that's why we should recognize the jewish state. i don't place preconditions on beginning negotiations. i would start them right now. >> greta: you offered that. listening to your speech you talk about being a theater and looking at the reaction. i saw that of course the palestinians were cheering on their president. the israelis are cheering on their prime minister. it seems like we know if we
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are creating this theater, we can't get you guys to sit down and work things out. now your base has dug its heels in. >> no, my base says to me and i say to my base, let's talk peace. let's negotiate. nobody spreads me from going to talk. that's the whole point. -- >> greta: i assume you still have to have the support of your people. if everyone thinks you are getting a raw deal because they are now asking for statehood that is something i would think would be somewhat of a hurdle for to you deal with. >> if they want statehood without peace, i'm not going to do it. not because people oppose it at home, because i oppose it. if they want peace and then a state that's fine that's what we should be working on. i think there's a basic a symmetry, israelis want peace, desperatey -- desperately. it is hard living in this tiny
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country seeing your friends and relatives die. peace is very precious. especially if you have been in wars and you know how bad they are. the palestinians can't seem to development of this kind of consensus. in israel i developed that kind of convention us is. i can bring the majority of israelies to the table. i think the palestinians are never lose an opportunity to lose an opportunity. they really have to take that courageous step and confront their people and say, we're not going to get everything we want. we are not going to flood israel with millions of palestinians. we have to accept israel as the jewish state and we will have to make compromises, both of us.ovs>x3 i'm prepared to sit down right now in this room, right now. >> greta: you said that >> on this interview if you want. i say that to every interviewer. i give them the sweepstakes go
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ahead if get abbas into the studio, i'm there,s[mx let's do it! it is not a symmetrical thing. israel wants to negotiate peace, so far the palestinians have avoided negotiating peace that's the simple truth. >> greta: people running for president in this country, governor perry and governor romney both issued statements. president clinton said today that you were standing in the way of any sorlq]ñá- of peace. how does the people who are not the people in office, but have -- very influential in this country how does that complicate things for you? >> first of all, i respectfully disagree with president clinton. i've offered to make peace with the palestinians,rss;w, st down with them time and again. he said i moved the goal post. he's right. i said things and did things that no previous prime minister has done. i froze the settlements for 10 months the construction there.
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nobody did that before. didn't help. the play is cast, the cast of characters is determined. so it doesn't change people's minds. i think that's part of the problem. i think the palestinians avoid going to the negotiations and they can try to end run by going to the u.n. because they because people actually believe they want to negotiate peace when they are doing everything in their power to avoid it. as far as american politics. i have -- i have enough politics of my own in israel. >> greta: i'm curious, you are one of our best friends. i'm curious to what extent the united states can help this process. i imagine there's some external noise for you or against you. i imagine that makes it more difficult even those in power this country to attempt to help you. >> well, i think the u.s. is doing its best.(ás there's a powerful alliance
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between us. which by the way, transcends prime ministers and presidents. it is just very, very strong. it is really a sense of affinity of the american people to israel. and this may shock you, but a strong sense of an penalty of the people of israel to america. israel is the one country in the world you can't be anti-american. everybody is pro american that's a bipartisan or multi-partisan sentiment in israel which i rep . the same is true here, whoever is the american president there is this strong friendship that the presidents represent. at end of the day it is that cooperation that i think gives strength to the american position in the middle east. because, israel is your most stable ally. it is the one western democracy. it is one thing that is right about the middle east. it is the one thing that doesn't shake. it is the unshifting sands, it is the lock. i think the american people
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understand that. and people of israel understand instinctively that the united states is their best friend. >> greta: you mentioned settlements you put a freeze i think president obama wasn't happy that you lived the freeze. why did you lift the freeze? do you have a conflict with president obama on that? is the freeze still in play? does it have any value at all in trying to move peace forward? >> palestinians put up this without demanding settlement freeze. i came in, they immediately abandoned it. so i froze it for a year. -- i nearly froze it for a year, ten months. nine months and one week that this froze they didn't come. finally they came and said we want another freeze. i said why don't we just talk about all the issues, settlements being one. let's talk about peace, border, security, early warning. let's talk about all the things two do to fashion a
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work able, stable and secure peace between us. they wouldn't i. i think it is a pretext. i think it is way to avoid negotiations. a greed to extend the freeze with president obama, -- people didn't know that a to another three months extension. he said and i think wisely, he said no, it is not worth it. it will be the focus again and again of these disputes. instead of getting to the core issues that are at the heart of this conflict. >> greta: what can we do? what can the united states do to help you? to move -- anything that you think that we are not doing that we could? >> yeah. >> greta: tell me. i think it -- i think the most important thing to tell the palestinians to quit negotiating about the negotiations just get on with it. like the nike commercial, just do it. >> greta: then you have the arab spring, president obama hit with the fact that he's backing the rebels in libya
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and in tunisia and suddenly doesn't want to help the palestinians. he said a year ago there would be a palestinian state. that's the problem. >> i think he's helping them a lot. i think getting the palestinians weaned off the idea they can be the spoiled child of international relation and they can avoid negotiations on and on and not be taken into account for that. i don't think that helps the peace process. i think telling them, respectfully and firmly, to get to the negotiations table is the right thing. it is the right thing, because it is true. sometimes the simplest policies is the right policy. and truest policy. >> greta: when come back more with prime minister netanyahu. iran's president wants to wipe israel off the map what would prime minister netanyahu do to stop it? >> also, crushing week on wall street. what is behind the giant losses and what is ahead for
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>> greta: iran's president ahmadinejad doesn't just want to wipe israel off the map. according to netanyahu iran is after us too. and of course after others. here's the prime minister on the daners of nuclear arms in the hands of -- dangers of nuclear arms in the hands of iran. speaking of iran if iran guess nuclear in terms of weapons. and the world shouldn't allow this to happen. how do we stop that? >> i think the sanctions are important. but i think the sanctions will only work, economic sanctions coupled with a clear understanding that there will be a nuclear -- military option against a nuclear program if the sanctions fail. i think the combination of the two, economic sanctions and the clarity of a military
7:22 pm
option, added to them, will actually stop the iranian program. it is the only thing that has worked in the last two decades. iran stopped its program only once in 2003. when it believed for about a year that the united states would take military action against them, the way it took against iraq and afghanistan. growth the way day see it is that your country has the greatest interest in the -- president ahmadinejad wants to destroy israel, no secret. do you have a sense that although the rest of us should care do you have a sense that the rest of the world has a sense of urgency about it that we should and that obviously your country has? >> i think there's an understanding or agreement now that didn't exist before on how close the iranians are get it -- are getting to this. i think there's agreement that's bad for the world.
7:23 pm
i think there's a greater understanding among security services. but i'm not sure the general public always understands how dangerous it would be if for the first time since the advent of nuclear weapons, you would have atomic bombs in the hands of apocalyptic sect hating the west. because they might use it. they might threaten to use it. they might give it as an umbrella to terrorists. they might give it to terrorists directly. they are just after us, they are after you. we are the small satan, you are the big satan. they have this pathological hatred of the united states and everything that it represents. a nuclear armed iran i think would present a real threat of nuclear terrorism for the
7:24 pm
first time in history. nobody should let that happen. >> greta: mr. prime minister, thank you. thank you for visiting the twin towers last night. >> it was very moving. what also touched my heart was the fact that an israeli architect actually won the competition and built a tremendous, tremendous memorial there. as i was looking at it, i was very touched. but also incensed, because the president of iran said yesterday at the u.n., he said that -- implied yesterday that 9/11 was an american plot. you want to have this guy with nuclear weapons? >> greta: coming up, we are all in big trouble. see what happened to the stock market? the worst week in years. even if you don't have money in the market, you just took a beating. dennis kneale will tell you
7:25 pm
why. >> top bosses at solyndra said they wanted to answer questions but took the fifth. the people who solyndra put out of work have lots to say. it is about your money and will make you angry, but we have it on tape. you will see it. [ beeping ]
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>> greta: okay what is going
7:29 pm
on? the stock market crushed again. dow plunging more than 700 points this week. what is causing this? dennis, a lot of people don't have enough to put into the stock market. but this beating we took this week even affects those people. >> over half of the country is invested in the stock market through mutual funds and your retire account. you see headlines and how people who are invested feel about watching things plummet makes them not buy in the store where you work. if they don't then the store has to lay-off someone if that person gets laid off he can't spend buying more things from that store over there it is important for the psychology. with cable news and 24/7 business networks like fox business constantly hammering, looking at what is happening, it adds to that sense and can affect the national mood. today we lost 3.4 trillion
7:30 pm
this week. we had worst week since the meltdown of three year ago. do we really think that we are that bad off? that we are as bad off as we were in 2008? the market thinks so. it went into treasuries if you invest in 50 years you can double your money if you can find an invest that pays only 7 1/2% a year you will double your money in 10 years. smart investors are selling out stocks and putting it into bonds that will take 50 years to double. i've got good technical reasons. we are afraid of a global recession. i have good research. arcane financial data that i can share. first i want to talk about feelings. we are talking ourselves into recession. >> greta: that whole business about recession is a label that economist call when you have a certain amount of quart
7:31 pm
there's decline. it is really bad. anyone who is unemployed says recession right now. >> when you are unemployed it is a depression. sit back and think about our economy. 1937 we had a huge down turn everyone started worrying about money and money supply and changingtheir tune and it changed how we felt if you look at our economy compared with 10 years ago. the ipad, iphone, kindle, amazon, google, gene targeted cancer therapy. radiation for prostate surgery, we've almost cured prostate cancer. texting. facebook, 10 trillion -- this is a country that is headed towards the trash heap? facebook didn't existence years ago it is worth 80 to 100 billion dollars. do we really think it is as bad now as it was in 2008? banks haven't hedged higher
7:32 pm
capital requirements -- >> greta: you are talking the u.s.. what i was reading tonight, europe's debt crisis, it is casting a large shadow around the world. >> of fear. >> greta: of fear on us. it -- [ talking over each other ] growth if europe does go un, if greece does go unit does have an impact on us. right now the way people are thinking about res rescuing greece, german chancellor trying to bail out greece. [ unintelligible ] imagine trying to get one country in europe try to bailout another country. if that economic nightmare so contagious as to poison us here -- >> one is the real economic impact the other is the fear. >> greta: the fear has an impact. >> if connecticut defaulted on the bonds that it sells to
7:33 pm
build bridges, would we fear a nationwide meltdown? no. greece has a gdp the size of connecticut. >> greta: portugal, italy. >> domino theory. i didn't work in vietnam either. it is fear. >> greta: it is part of a global economy. we have no-no control over those countries -- we have no control over those countries. if they go under because we are so interlocked that it does impact us here at home that is a problem. >> it doesn't have near as much impact as investors fear [ talking over each other ] >> we through that we were in . we went through this two years ago. if europe goes through it, europe can't hold a candle to us, i don't care about europe. >> greta: if that fear is silly, why is the dow plummeting 700 points this week? >> because investors are terrified.
7:34 pm
i'm here tonight to say guys you are too afraid. you don't need to be afraid. don't talk yourselves into a recession. look at it technically. smart guy came on fox business today one of the smartest investment companies out there, he said every recession we've ever had, had three key things happening beforehand. none of those three things are true today. >> greta: we have a 9% unemployment rate, people are hurting. the stuff that you are talking, economists have and investors have. main street stores have again out of business, people don't have jobs. >> economy goes through correction. >> greta: correction! this is a hell of a correction. a lot of people suffering. >> 9% unemployment is really tough. and i know it is hard out there but, i think we are doing some things to make it worse. when you extent unemployment benefits for two years it allows you to not lower your price to get a job.
7:35 pm
if -- [ unintelligible ] think about this, the fact is, leading economic indicators, down three innocence in a row before a recession comes they've just been up three innocence in a -- three months in a row. >> greta: unemployment has been static. >> 17 months of job growth that's what we had. august it is tepid growth but we feed to see job loss to have a recession. [ talking over each other ] >> i think we are not and i'm willing to bet you money on it. >> greta: the word recession is a label. artificially created by a bunch of people who got in a room and decided what it is. people who can't get jobs are, terrified -- >> do we sit around lamenting? >> greta: no, you come back tomorrow night. >> i want these republican candidates to stop selling doom and start selling fixes. this is fixable. >> greta: you are an optimist
7:36 pm
and i think that is great. i have to go. you have to come back monday. here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: charles krauthammer and i will analyze the republican debate last night. will the economy collapse? some pundits say yes. lou dobbs will comment, coming up. >> greta: the bosses take the fifth. tonight we have solyndra employees on tape. wait until you hear what they say was going on. >> you know their husbands. how about the nfl owners' wives? we go straight to them for a look. i know you're worried about making your savis last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here --
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>> greta: former solyndra employees tell all in 60 seconds but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: senate democrats blocking a house spending bill bringing the government one step closer to a possible shutdown. the two sides divided over how much to fund much needed
7:41 pm
disaster aid for the federal emergency management agency. if a compromise is not reached senate aides warn fema could run out of cash by tuesday. other government agencies could be shutdown if a bill is not passed by september 30th. >> that six ton satellite plunging towards earth is showing signs of slowing. nasa experts predicting the spacecraft will reenter the atmosphere late tonight or earth saturday morning. the orientation has changed a bit slowing its free-fall. experts warn there is a low probability that debris could hit the u.s.. i'm adam housley, now back to greta. >> greta: it is true, innocent people take the fifth. but admit it, it never sounds good. >> i want to ask mr. harrison, if he thinks the american people who have invested over half a billion dollars, deserve to know what happened to that money? >> on the advice of my counsel, i invoke the privilege an
7:42 pm
forwarded to me by the fifth amendment of the constitution and respectfully decline any answer. >> same question to mr. stover. >> on the advice of my counsel i invoke the privilege afforded by the fifth amendment to the u.s. contusion, i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> greta: members of congress firing away at the energy company but getting nothing return. some of the 11 employees who have lost their -- some of the 1100 employees who have lost their job has plenty to say. one woman says she was warned the company wasn't doing well. others say they saw the wasteful spending as soon as the government loan went through that infusion of money made people sloppy. griff jenkins spoke with two former employees. >> reporter: it has been three weeks since the devastating and abrupt news hit 1100 employees here at solyndra in fremont, california. that their jobs were again,
7:43 pm
health benefits, vacation pay, stock options, evaporated. in that time the fbi has the homes of some of the top executives. now two of those executives the president brian harrison and the chief financial officer bill stover refuseed to testify in washington. we have attempted to seek are not willing to talk to us. we sit down outside the oftens of solyndra with some of the former employees to find out from them, exactly what happened? and how you guys are faring in the fall-out. bobby strictland, licensee eastman, thanks for joining me. did anyone see this coming -- in your job in the factory you in the software office. any sense that maybe there was problems even after had you the president visit and gotten
7:44 pm
obviously a publicized cash infusion from government funds. >> i didn't see it coming. if they saw it coming no one said anything about it. i was there for only a short time. i was gung-ho, i was a contract employee due to go permanent a couple weeks after everything had happened. so i didn't see it coming at all. >> reporter: you were here lindsey when they built the new factory did they need the new factory the loan? >> i think so. one of the first mile stones i was involved in was the break even point in fab one. once we proved that we could pay our own bills without venture capital money it seemed like all you had to do was replicate that and scale up. couldn't do that just bringing in a little bit of profit that we could possibly make on our own. it was definitely necessary. the question is how it was
7:45 pm
done? i think scaling up our assumption was that we would replicate what worked and stamp it out intel-style and it would be a slam-dunk. but it wasn't. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] i spoke to the 109th employee hired. his job was supervisor inspecting panels, last stop before it within out the door. he said -- before it went out the door. he said he saw a number of pan untils destroyed, harmed, discarded and he just spoke about -- waste. he said in the new factory under the new sort of phase they were doing things that he said he estimated at about $1,000 -- $100,000 a day and wondered why managers weren't
7:46 pm
up in arms about that. did you see an issue with software? >> i was on the factory floor software for automation. i did see damaged material. it seemed common. one of the reasons why we were automating was to reduce human handling, which is usually a source of damage that was kind of the point of automation. i think it is normal in the beginning that you have more damage as you get more automationóúerá is probe i go o to go down. >> reporter: what do you make of the fact that the former bosses won't testify in washington? >> i think people who were let go, everybody else wants to know what happened to the money? why is it that you can plead the fifth when of millions of dollars are involved? people want to know why? i would like to know why i was put out of a . i'm sure lindsey would like to know why he was put out of a job. i'm sure everybody else would like to know why they were put out of a job.
7:47 pm
where is the money? >> reporter: you think they should talk? you think they should speak to the congress or to me or someone else so we can find out what happened? >> i want to know why i'm behind on my bills now? sally may wants to know why they are not going to get their loan for this month and maybe next month. i have to tell them something. i told them i was put out of a job. i want to know why. >> reporter: what do we need know what happened -- >> it is a sad statement it is hard to do manufacturing in the u.s.. i was happy to see somebody giving it a shot. they assured us they were planning expansion to remain here so people here in the u.s. and california could get jobs in manufacturing which we have lost. that knees to be encouraged.
7:48 pm
-- that needs to be encouraged. it doesn't mean everything is going to work out, but i hope people don't stop doing that. it is a trend leaving this country and this state that in the long run is a bad trend. >> greta: straight ahead, forget juicy and prada are the green bay packers the newest name in fashion. that's next. there's only one bottle left ! i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss.
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growth calling all football fans and hahn -- >> greta: calling all fawn fans and fashionistas. that's right you can be both. we met with suzanne johnson wife of jets owner woody johnson for a preview. >> who would have guessed! greta is a breen bay fan, i'm going to pull her to the side because new york is closer to where she is living now in washington. you never know. >> greta: i've only been to jets' games when they win. >> i think you will be coming to every jets game now. you will be getting more invitations from my husband >> greta: that's wonderful to hear. although my packer family -- >> i know, i respect them. we are all partners for 364
7:53 pm
days a year except game day then it is on. so we love the entire nfl. >> greta: what is in? >> the nfl new apparel line to give female fans more ways to show off their pride. this is one of the pieces i'm wearing. this is my out on the town look. >> greta: there are purses, jewelry. >> there was an array of fans women 15 to 50. we wanted to give our fans a little bit of everything. obviously you have a fan that is front and center. then you have the quiet fan who wants to maybe show a little bit of in my case, green and white. they have stackable rings, chandelier earrings, beautiful now bags that are fabulous. something to fit everybody's lifestyle. in addition to that the nfl rolled out a new party
7:54 pm
collection. if you are a great hostess it shows you ways to style your house for a game day party for your fans. >> greta: [ inaudible ] >> the nfl made their own website year -- geared towards women to tell you how to style your home for the weekend. you hit a button it shows you the product and go to nfl shop and they will style a room in addition to styling an outfit. two girls styled and you can buy the whole outfit or mix and match the pieces. i think that is cool. sometimes women don't know how to put it together. we are going to teach you about -- [ inaudible ] >> greta: coming up your last call. one more quick round before we turn down the lights. first lady doing redecorating. wait until you see whose house
7:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. and michelle obama taking on a new job, interior decorating but you may be surprised by the first project. or not. >> first lady michelle obama will appear on the season premier of "extreme home makeover". she'll be refurbishing a house for a new family to move into. the bad news is that it's the white house. >> ow. that is your last call. we'll see you again on monday. make sure to go to greta i'm going to put an open thread right now. o'reilly factor is next. good night from new york. o'reilly, "the o'reilly factor" is next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> if you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart.


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